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The governor, however, took the unusual step of condemning the pharmaceutical company that makes the lifesaving drug known as the EpiPen, or epinephrine auto-injectors, in a bill-signing message that spoke of unconscionable price increases. AB1386 by Assemblyman Evan Low , D-San Jose, was sponsored by Mylan, a Pennsylvania drugmaker that has been pushing states to allow doctors to prescribe EpiPens to businesses and organizations so that the drug can be kept at workplaces and public places in the event of a severe allergic reaction. At the very time Mylan was boosting sales of EpiPens by sponsoring bills like AB1386 throughout the country, it raised the cost of EpiPens from approximately $100 for a pack of two in 2008 to over $600 today, an increase of 500 percent, Brown wrote in his signing message. Its worth noting that during this same period, Mylan raised its CEOs annual salary to nearly $19 million, a 600 percent increase. Still, Brown said he was signing the bill because the EpiPen can save a persons life. Without the law, only doctors could prescribe EpiPens to patients, schools, trained volunteers and medical professionals. Supporters of the law said it will make the drug readily available in more locations in the event that someone suffers anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction most commonly from foods, insect stings, medications or latex. Businesses will be eligible for the prescription in January when the law becomes effective. Brown said state governments cant stop companies like Mylan from price gouging, but they can highlight their rapacious corporate behavior. In addition to the signing message, Brown wrote a letter to congressional leaders Friday asking that they work to rein in the predatory practices by companies like Mylan. A House Oversight Committee hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, when lawmakers plan to question Mylans top executives, including chief executive Heather Bresch , about the companys significant price increases. click over here nowBresch is the daughter of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin , D-W.Va.

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